This page demonstrates some of Florian Rebstock's research in investigating long lasting wood joints for robotic manufactured structures without metal fasteners. The ultimate goal of his research is to provide free, open source building plans for structures which utilize highly biodegradable and sustainable materials. As part of his research, he successfully applied the DIC technique (with Ncorr) to investigate deformation in various types of wood joints under compression and tension. One experiment involving a gooseneck wood joint under compression that he performed is shown below:

The 2D surface of the wood joint was patterned using black and white spray paint. An outline of the joint connection is shown by the dashed white line, which was removed from the region of interest before performing the DIC analysis. The application of the force was done horizontally as shown by the arrows. The resulting Eulerian displacement fields for this experiment are shown below:  



V Displacement

U Displacement