These results show displacement and strain fields for the "weld" sample from SEM's DIC Challenge. This image set is a good way to demonstrate the abilities of Ncorr to analyze high strain. The parameters used were:


  • Image Resolution: 1040x1392
  • Analysis Type: regular
  • RG-DIC Radius: 35
  • Strain Radius: 7
  • Subset Spacing: 3
  • Diffnorm Cutoff: 1e-06
  • Iteration Cutoff: 50
  • Step Analysis: Seed Propagation
  • RG-DIC Subset Truncation: Disabled
  • Strain Subset Truncation: Disabled


The Lagrangian displacement fields for the last image in the set (with a postfix of 910) are shown below. The missing datapoints near the mid right section arise because a crack forms in this region.



V Displacement

U Displacement



For the strains, animations for the Eulerian-Almansi strain tensor are shown below (click them for a larger view):


Eyy Strain

Exy Strain

Exx Strain