These results show the Eyy Eulerian-Almansi strain field for an interpolated image sample undergoing large compression. The image was compressed using the interp2() function in MATLAB to demonstrate the ability of the step analysis to handle large strainsThe parameters used were:


  • Image Resolution: 375x375
  • Analysis Type: regular
  • RG-DIC Radius: 15
  • Strain Radius: 15
  • Subset Spacing: 0
  • Diffnorm Cutoff: 1e-06
  • Iteration Cutoff: 50
  • Step Analysis: Seed Propagation
  • RG-DIC Subset Truncation: Disabled
  • Strain Subset Truncation: Disabled


The Eyy Eulerian-Almansi strain fields are shown below: 


Eyy Strain