These results show the Lagrangian displacement fields for a compact tension specimen from our labThe parameters used were:


  • Image Resolution: 3352x2532
  • Analysis Type: backward
  • RG-DIC Radius: 50
  • Strain Radius: N/A
  • Subset Spacing: 3
  • Diffnorm Cutoff: 1e-06
  • Iteration Cutoff: 50
  • Step Analysis: Disabled
  • RG-DIC Subset Truncation: Enabled
  • Strain Subset Truncation: N/A


The Lagrangian displacement fields are shown below: 


V Displacement



U Displacement


Also note that the crack is not visible in this configuration since it is with respect to the unloaded reference image. This point is more clear if you compare the reference and current images in the zip file below.